Rent to own Spruce Grove

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Rent To Own offers an alternative way to entering into the home owning market. With this program there is no qualifying, no credit checks and everyone is approved! First step is finding a home you like. From there you invest a small down payment, the rest is very simple. We have you sign a two year lease; $200 from each monthly payment goes directly to increase your down payment and applies directly to the purchase price of your new home!

Example: If your monthly payment is $2,500, $2,300 goes to cover our costs (mortgage, insurance, taxes, interest, condo fees) and $200 goes directly towards building your down payment and will benefit you when it comes time to purchase the home.

At the end of the two years you have the option to purchase. The money you have put down plus the $200 a month we have put aside for you is used as part of your down payment to secure your own mortgage. From there you purchase the house from us. This is an effective way of becoming a homeowner, without the risk.

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