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As relative newcomers to Canada, ours was a unique situation. We had not yet established Canadian credit and thus did not qualify for a mortgage, despite the fact that I had a good, steady job. Still, we needed a home, and like all people, we preferred to purchase a home rather than simply rent one. Rent To Own Home.ca was the perfect solution for our needs. They helped us get into a nice home at a reasonable price. We rented for two years while we built up a good credit history. During this time, we made some decorative changes and improvements to our home. When our rental period was over, Rent To Own Home.ca helped us get into a good mortgage from a solid lender. In the end, we were able to purchase our home, thanks to the friendly and helpful staff at Rent To Own Homes.ca - Rev. Russ McDermott & Family

Thanks to Rent To Own Home.ca I now own my own home for myself and my children. I, like many others have had difficulties in the past, but thanks to Rent To Own Homes no qualifying, easy down payment I was able to get into the home of my dreams. Within 6 months I was able to carry out my Rent To Own contract. - Sandra Sutherley

Excellent to do business with, couldn’t have asked for a better experience.- Rita Saborn, Spruce Grove, AB

The situation and conditions have gone well, it was an excellent opportunity! - Natalie Isaac, Blackfalds, AB

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